Saturday, May 8, 2010

Today is MAY the 8th....

Early this morning, just as the SNOW began to fall, a lovely male rosebreasted grosbeak appeared under one of the bird feeders. We haven't seen one for a year, so hope there will be a nest nearby. He was alone, and able to eat as much as he wanted, before the HEAVY SNOW arrived, and then a huge number of various birds came to the feeders as well.
Yes, it is MAY the 8th !!! The bluejays were fighting for the food..
...and the evening grosbeaks were also fighting for it. There was plenty for all, we ended up going out four times today with food, in various places. Feel very sorry for the birds that have come back, especially the ones that depend on bugs like our phoebes.
We had about 6" of snow, and high winds. The snow was so heavy, many of our small bushes are bent over to the ground, the perennials that have been growing are buried. I hope we don't lose them. These are huge trees (above) and you can see how the branches are weighted down.
Of course, Blast had a great time, he adores the snow. Look at that tail! Bad boy was after some poor thing trying to hide under the tree. I called him off to continue on our walk so he didn't find it. Something is wrong with this picture,'s MAY THE 8TH !!!!
HAPPY MOTHERS' DAY (TOMORROW) whether you're a human mom or a dog mom or both!