Friday, June 4, 2010

I Couldn't Resist...

I couldn't resist trying Blast with an ice cream cone, like Tank and Trust a day ago. Blast has come a long way in his response with manners and connecting with me over the last few months. Sometimes I wondered if it would ever happen, he was quite a handful as a youngster.
We have a really nice working relationship now, and I love him to bits. cream was new to him, and a good excuse for me to have another cone!!! Out we went on the deck, I called him over and let him see it, of course, no interest. No interest at least until he saw me eating it.
Told him to sit and 'easy' and held it out to him. He took a sniff and tried to take a little bite.
Got the idea pretty quickly.
I was hoping for a lick, not a bite, but he's no dummy. What does a lick get you?!
But he was still gentle about it, even though trying to get a BIG bite, and wasn't pushy about it.
Although he ended up with more than I intended to share with him, I guess it was successful.