Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Canine Good Neighbour Test

On Saturday, Oct. 16th we held a CKC Canine Good Neighbour Test in North Bay. The Global Pet Food Store on Lakeshore sponsored this event, and gave lovely big gift baskets to everyone entered, and goodies for the volunteers as well. Weather co-operated and 13 of 16 dogs tested passed and earned the CGN Title. Dog owners from the New Liskeard area (2 hr. north) entered as well as local dogs. There were a number of different breeds and spectators enjoyed watching them all working through the exercises. We had a lot of fun and some comical moments. The OPP K9 Unit were a hit, as usual, with a talk, discussion and demonstration mid-day. Always much appreciated by everyone attending, and drawing in others to watch.
Winston is quite relaxed with Betty for his three minute supervised isolation while his owner is out of sight. This exercise seemed to be the one the owners were most stressed about how their dog would do....yet, this was not the exercise that caused many problems at all, only one dog failed on this test.
I combined three of the exercises into one station here, Test 1,2,3.
These two agility jumps represent entering through a gate or doorway. This was our oldest dog tested, she was nine; she passed.
Again, this is the combined Test 1,2,3. What a nice big fellow!
Reaction to passing dog, Test 9. Little Emma (the test dog) met mainly very large dogs in this exercise. Both dogs sitting relaxed by their owners.
Test 4 - Out for a walk. Winston was a pretty relaxed guy walking along with his mom.
It's been quite a while since there was a CGN in North Bay. The plan is to have another one in the spring. There are already a few people wanting to do this that didn't find out in time or couldn't attend this one. It is nice for spectators to watch and see good dogs and responsible owners instead of hearing negative reports all too often. Training for the CGN Test is not all that difficult or time consuming and it's fun. It's just basic manners that all our dogs should have.