Sunday, December 5, 2010

I think winter is here to stay..

Another walk in the forest today and the dogs were just loving it. All kinds of fresh tracks out there to, rabbit, deer...and the usual rodent hunting.
Trust was having a great time looking for "things" under the snow.
It's a race back, with Tank in the lead, leaping over a log, and Trust close behind....
Blast is checking out what's up there with the Frog Princess. Our Frog Princess is chalkware, was a gift years ago from a friend who painted her up nicely, as a princess frog should be. She has lost her glow, but still reigns supreme over the comings and goings in the forest.
Heading back on one of the trails, Blast is giving his impression of a wolf. I can imagine if we ever came across a wayward person wandering onto our property, he might appear to be a wolf.