Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Rosemary & Reese prepare for a TD

Reese had a very long first leg with a couple of long stretches well under water. I did not plan this, not having seeing the field first, but we looked at it as an opportunity to see how she would handle problem at all. Unfortunately we had a wounded frog near the start and had to dispatch it, but she also showed only curiousity about this and Rosemary got her past it just fine.
When I laid the track, it was lovely. Part way through the humidity was unbelievable. When R & R went on the track, there was a steady breeze and it was cooler. Talk about changes..this was all in a 45 minute time frame.This area was like a rice paddy! Rosemary had said Reese was not very fond of water...well, you should have seen her plow through it without a second thought! Rosemary is pulling up her wet line here.This flag did not mark a corner, but I put it in to mark a number of bones to make sure Reese didn't try to eat anything. She didn't. The left turn is a little ahead.Reese made the turn, found an article, and her indication - as it turns out even in wet conditions - is to lie on it until Rosemary comes up and rewards her. So cute!Reese has just found her final article here, she stopped and was about to lie down on it. She had four corners, five legs, some very, very wet, and 3 articles. Reese worked great on her track, very keen. They will do great in their tracking career!