Thursday, July 14, 2011

New Interesting Blooms

We have two Linden trees we planted about 13 years ago in front of the house. They bloom with fragrant flowers every few years, I don't know why not each year... Funny little flowers,they totally cover the trees which are now buzzing with bees. The fragrance just blows you away, especially in the evening, early morning and when it is humid. There's nothing like it, and it's very strong at times, wafting in through the open windows. Love it.My first time to have a Passion Flower Vine plant - little alien-like flowers just began to bloom yesterday. They are amazing! How intricate and involved they are.
The green buds are the flowers just before blooming. A number of little buds had dropped off and I was convinced I'd never see a flower on this plant. I bought it this year, called a patio plant, and it is hanging on the north side of the deck against the house, receiving morning and afternoon sun only.Just amazing! If you double click on any of the pictures, they will come up large and are clearly more visible to see how 'involved' these flowers are. I just love it, it is covered in more large buds, so will be really interesting in the next few days to see!