Thursday, December 1, 2011

The BIG Snow!

Well, we had an extremely late first snow this began on Tuesday night and continued all through Wednesday. Under a Winter Storm Warning for over 24 hrs. and ended up with snow over my knee-high boots. Freezing rain, ice pellets, snow, back to freezing rain and then a huge dump of snow. Not happy here! Considering it was the first snow of winter, we already have no walking paths left, and it looks like January. The dogs LOVE snow, but they cannot navigate well into the very deep and very heavy stuff. We pretty much have only the driveway for walks so am praying now for a few sunny, warm days and rain. Way too early for these conditions!Tank and Blast tried to go down a trail and turned around and came back!Tank still standing on the same trail, wondering where we are going to go...Trust, Blast and Tank on the driveway. David had already cleaned the snow off this section the night before, and drove out in the morning. A lot more snow fell after this.Kira behind the house, was digging out branches and flying through the snow. She seemed to be able to navigate the best of all, probably as she's lighter and just leaps and bounds through.She was hunting for something in here, perhaps heard a rodent under the snow.She made a 'racetrack' around some bushes and trees in this area, so she could actually run through fairly well and 'chase' me with one of her branches. She thinks she's so smart!This was a branch she ran into, actually was attached to a tree, and she seemed to feel the need to punish it when she couldn't pull it out.I just like this head shot of Blast!
And we have more snow falling tonight....