Monday, December 12, 2011

Kira in the Forest

Yesterday, we took all the dogs for a forest walk in the afternoon. So nice back there, haven't been in for a while. There's been lots of action...deer, fox, bunny, lots and lots of overlapping tracks.
Headed back to the house, we did recalls with Kira on the trail. David was up towards the house and I stayed back down the trail. Here she comes, full speed ahead!!!There's always 'something' worth inspecting up on the top of this rock.Kira stole my glove and had run off with it. We had to "trick" her to get it back and David was whacking it against the trunk to get the snow off and out of it....he "thought" high enough so she couldn't jump up and get it....right....lost it again!We spent much of the time trying to get rid of all the branches she was picking up, as she would run towards us either from behind or front and almost knock us down in narrow spots. She has a firm grip on this one and REALLY doesn't want to let go.
The dogs all have him wrapped around their finger...(paw?)...and alway win a tugging match with him.So, if we keep taking "her" branches away, she just "has" to work at removing a live one still attached to the tree.And even better, the giant ones! I never thought she'd get anywhere with this, it was solidly locked in place. She pulled and yelled at it for the longest time, and wasn't going to give up. We had walked on and heard her still snarling at it. To my amazement, although I should know by now, suddenly she ran up behind us with about 5-6' of it. She had bit right through it. So once again, it's dodge the tencious little devil dog. Kira had a non-stop good time out there. Back at the house I was hoping she'd be a tiny bit pooped, but she was still raring to go. I wish I had a fraction of her energy.