Saturday, January 14, 2012

If we can't track...we'll search!!!

A few days ago, I took Kira with me to an appointment, and went into a shopping mall with her. Rotten weather, so guess a lot of people touring the mall, which was great for us. We 'met' lots of people, and Kira was polite with them all..she especially enjoyed a very young child in a stroller who kept offering her toy to Kira and Kira would kiss the toy, not trying to take it, then the child, over and over. I had a few items with me, and was able to hide them in interesting places our first trip through, and luckily, when we back to 'find' them, they were still there. We had fun tug rewards and a good time.
We've not been getting the normal amount of activity and exercise being somewhat snowbound, and for a change here tonight, we did an off leash search in the house.
I had hidden five items, briefly scented, briefly aged. Being able to stand back and watch her, I could take pics. Most amazingly, she would ignore her very special two balls, as she was "working"...very impressive...
Here she has found a 2" square of flat leather in the magazines.She's just turned back to me with a glove I had shoved under a scatter mat by the back door.And here we have a small cloth article shoved down inside the boot.Another 1/2 glove in the black bag on the chair, she is just pulling it out.Toughest one. There was a small white, plastic 'gift card' tucked inside the opening of the bottom kitchen drawer which holds the cooking herbs/spices. When I opened the drawer for her, she picked it up and backed up with it.
Keen little search dog, she is. We then played with the ball she had ignored. Always happy, this busy little girl.