Saturday, January 7, 2012

Snow, Balls, Jumping-Bean Dogs..

Walking down the driveway with Blast and two balls early today, beautiful, mild and sunny before another deep freeze sets in. I even had my mitts off making snowballs.
I was tossing the smaller ball into the field for Blast to find. He's located the spot and shoving his head down in the snow to find it.And here it is! He loves to do this, usually he has no idea where I've thrown it, and has to find it by scent, under the snow.But....we also love to catch snowballs! And we REALLY love to jump high into the sky!He's just caught this snowball, so is actually coming "down". He is quite the high-jumper!And a few easy ones before we head back up the driveway.Kira was the 'next walk'. Here she is just perfectly poised to catch the first snowball. Does life get any better than this?!!Kira would be happy all day to catch snowballs and like Blast, she absolutely loves to jump. Down the hatch with this one.I actually 'see' more looking at the pictures than being right there. It all happens so quickly. Throw the snowball, jump, catch splatter...ready for the next one!Kira has quite the 'stretch' body when she lunges for something. Time to switch to a ball...Like Blast, I was throwing this one into the field for her to search for. She would never, ever quit doing this if I was willing to continue. But I really do have other things to do!Atop a little snow mountain on the way back to the house, alert to something, hopefully not the buck behind the house..
We had a great time this morning with nice weather, three walks. I forgot the camera on the first walk with Trust and Tank, but they had tons of fun as well.