Saturday, February 25, 2012

Major Snowfall Last Night...

Since my last post, I was beginning to become optimistic again about losing some snow, temps. slowly climbing, and drove around looking for potential tracking sites again. Must be my fault! Yesterday, we got the storm that was supposed to be bad in southern Ontario, and it moved up here. I was driving home in some of it and it was whiteouts...awful. And here is the result.
We had to wait for our snowplow fellow to do the driveway this morning before we could get out for dog was just too deep. Of course, the dogs love it, and it is always pretty, but sure puts a damper on any activities.We had about 20 cm of snowfall, so I don't know when we will get out to track.Blast retrieving a ball I tossed over the snowbank. He loves it, not a lot beats snow in his mind.Tank is still looking for the purple ball, and doesn't realize Blast found it and is taking off with it!I threw up a piece of cookie to get Tanks' attention, and now he's buried his head trying to find it...Nope! Nothing there! What else do you have for me?!The cookies worked well, so when we got to this larger pile, I threw up a few so that Trust would also climb up.Trust found a couple and decided the smart thing was to come down to me and likely I'd give her another girl...Like I is pretty! But it's almost March!!!!!!!!!