Sunday, March 4, 2012

March 3rd + Biggest Storm Yet!

Our snowplow guy did the driveway around 8 a.m. These first few pics. are around 9:30. We've been under a heavy snow warning for 24 hr. and it's been non-stop driving snow sideways most of the time, so drifting as well.
Tank and Trust and I are heading back up to the house.Trust is standing at the bend in the driveway, which is now mighty narrow, heading up to the house.None of these early pictures truly show the driving sideways snow, but this one gives you 'some' idea. It was awful walking and you had to hold your hat or hood on your head most of the time.Looking south on the driveway, and even a short time after it was plowed, it is already snow-covered and drifted in again.Trust pushing through drifts in the driveway. All our dogs love the snow...after all, they have servants and no worries! It's all just fun!!!Out again in the afternoon, snow up to 6" again in driveway, with drifts. Some places the snow is blown off to nearly bare where it is drifting, other places the snow is so heavy, you can hardly walk through it.Blast always finds the highest spot to jump up on and "protect" his ball from Tank!Doesn't matter how cold or awful the weather, he'd be happy spending more time out here.David and Kira in the driveway. He's throwing snowice pieces into the field for her. The drift on the right is actually the driveway.Here she comes, back through it all. This is actually a ball she has in her mouth this time, covered in snow.The poor trees were covered in ice before the snow began. It was wet at first, and piled up on the branches. I'm surprised we didn't have some snap off, and even more surprised we did not lose hydro in this storm.
The driveway was just plowed out again, and now all the paths around the house, the deck and the bird feeding areas need to be done. Too much work, the snow is terribly heady and the dogs will just want to go out and play...
So when is it spring?!!