Monday, April 9, 2012

Emma does Blasts' Track!

This was Blasts' track from last Friday. Just under 300m, aged an hour, very, very windy coming right at us from the left side, so along the final and first legs. Barking dog across the road fence-running as we went. He did really well, even with the annoying dog (owner stood there and didn't say a word!) I also saw a man, woman and dog walk the full way alongside the roadway on the grass, on the final and first leg.
Anyway, today, Tascha decided to do almost the same track for Emma, which is why I put the google earth map on here. Easy to see where she is going on her own track.Lucky day, no barking dog across the road, but again the very strong wind coming right at them. Emma started out great, moving at a nice clip along the first leg.The red arrow points out the end of the track up in front of the grey garage. Emma reached the driveway, and smelled something that took her a few feet to her right. She picked it up, so Tascha ran down to remove it from her mouth. Immediately, Emma went back to where the track crossed the driveway!They've just made their first turn on grass, and will head out across another driveway. Moving really nicely, really enthused.Onto grass and alongside the beer store, Emma just reached her first article and Tascha runs up to reward her.Tascha put her corner on veg. where Blasts' went out onto the asphalt. Otherwise, they were almost identical tracks. Emma rushes out on the driveway to her article with Tascha running to keep up!!!What a good girl you are, Emma! Across into a strip of grass then into the works yard. You can easily see Taschas' footprints here from when she laid the track. Emma is right on it! A left turn is coming up.Long leg on sand/gravel. There had been trucks turning in this area, probably fellows walking about and into garage as well. Emma had to work hard in this area, Tascha gave her time, and Emma worked it out.Heading to the strip of grass above the ditch/alongside the road. It's only about 2' wide and there is a right turn coming up there.Emma went down and checked out the ditch, came back up onto the track again, and headed on down it, very sure.She started to move off the grass onto the driveway here, then came back and checked every other possible direction until going back and committing to it. Now she picks up speed, wind coming at her, smelling her final article.Back onto grass, there it is. Tascha was very, very happy with Emma, and I though they both work really great. A very good and rewarding track and fun to watch Emma work her way through a couple of tricky spots.