Sunday, January 13, 2013

January Thaw! Dogs and I are Happy!!

So much snow for a few weeks, and suddenly rain, freezing rain (wasn't fun), more rain and temps. over zero...what a change.
The huge snowbanks have dropped, and there are even places bare enough to walk the dogs on again.
Kira and I had a good time in the driveway yesterday playing two balls.
Blast thinks I can't see him when he either flattens out, or hides behind a weed.  He was a long way out in the field and I just zoomed in on him for the pictures.  I pretend I can't find him and act very surprised when he 'pokes' out.
Trust, Tank and Blast playing in a "grassy" spot off the driveway where the snow was piled over 4' a week ago.  What a nice change...very unusual, and I know it won't last long, unfortunately.  It has been difficult with our paths in the fields completely snowed in and only able to walk in the driveway.  We are going to enjoy it as long as it lasts.