Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Cross Country TD/TDX May 12th

I'm very late in posting these pictures/results, and so just a few shots here.  Above is judge Pando plotting on the Sat. with tracklayer Eileen waving her finger, either giving him "pointers" or suggesting he slow up a bit.  They are in a TD field.
Judge Pando, tracklayer Marie, flagbearer Tascha, in a TDX field.  They are plotting out on leg three heading into a back field and looking to see if the bear might show up today before continuing onward!!  We had seen a huge male wild turkey out there earlier.
Above are the successful passing dogs from Sundays' test...six TD dogs and one TDX.  Congratulations!
This was from the start area of one TDX track.  Yes, it was May 12th, and there was a sudden storm with hail moving across, before the final TDX.  We waited five minutes until it moved out before putting the final dog on the track.  Our long drive home later (3 1/2 hr.) was either ice pellets, major winds, and/or snow the whole way...did I mention it was May 12th?!  Mothers' Day?!
Got very few pictures this day, but had to include this one....naturally....being a German Shepherd!  Judge Pando on the right, with the team who travelled from New Brunswick to S. Ont. to enter (and pass!) their TD).  Such a pretty young shepherd, she is nine months old.  Owner Gino behind.