Friday, April 16, 2010

A "Wild" Morning..

Maybe not what you thought.....It seemed that everything showed up at once this morning! We had two pileated woodpeckers sceaming at each other, sandhill cranes flying above, and to the west were five deer luckily spotted before I went out with Blast.
Trust was at the front window, excited about one of her bunny "friends" inside the fenced area. As they race around, she runs from window to window to watch. They are now almost all brown, obviously not realizing that snow is being called for on the weekend.
And worst of all, directly behind the house was a porcupine up a maple tree. Look at the claws on him; looks like a miniature grizzly bear. I'm afraid he was up there all day, snoozing and eating the new buds on the maple tree. I'd rather have a bear out there, you can scare them off.
So now he is down and I've no idea which direction he went in, therefore, a big issue taking the dogs for walks. I sure hope he kept going our property!