Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Rewards after tracking...

No matter how much your dog loves to track, there always has to be a reward afterwards. We played with Blasts' favorite ball immediately after finding his article. Tracking is hard work, mental as much as physical. Today, we took a quick trip to the beach on the way home as well.
I didn't want him swimming out to the ducks!!! so attached his long tracking line to his collar. This was our first water adventure of the season, and I swear he loves water more than most retrievers. He found a stick to amuse himself in the water, letting it float away a few feet, and then pouncing on it.
Well, I did have other things to do, much to his dismay. I had just called him out, and he's giving me his "please, just a few more minutes" look. It was fun while it lasted!!!