Monday, July 12, 2010

Blast Tracking Early Sunday Morning.

I had laid Blasts' track after putting the one down for Reese, so Blasts' track was about a little over an hour old, and the temperature had risen sharply. These fields had all been newly cut a week ago, and were very short and dry. There had still been a little dew when I laid the tracks.
And thanks to Rosemary, for taking the pictures! I don't often get photos of Blast tracking as I cannot walk behind him and take pictures, like I can with Trust!
Blast has just taken his first corner is committing to it here.
And off we go.....
The hill behind drops down to the river.
We are nearing a left turn, taking us a little over the hill which is to the left.
He is on the actual corner here, it is past the flag. He has made a quick turn and I'm moving up to untangle him before we go any further.
I believe this is where he zipped around and stood staring into the forest....bear? Blast often makes such quick turns, my line handling can't keep up with him. Here he did not get tangled, but you can see the line all crazy and loopy as he comes quickly back.
And then we get moving on nicely again. He's on his fifth leg here, a long one from the back, out towards the road.
This was the "picture" behind us, down the hill. You can see how this would be attractive to much assorted wildlife. It's less than 5 minutes from my house, but feels totally isolated and quiet.
We were almost at the final article here, but the main reason I included this picture was just to point out where the bear was crossing the road after we had finished tracking. The forested area is to the left of this photo, you can see it if you go back to the 3rd-6th photos above.
Playing with the article at the end of the track, before going for a run through the field.
He did really well on this track and we managed to finish before the heat/humidity was unbearable. HAD I KNOWN there was a bear nearby, I never would have let him loose....