Sunday, August 29, 2010

Blast gets the pretty field!

One thing I wanted to accomplish today with Blast was to work on distractions. This has always been "an issue" at times. Today, having both Rosemary and Tascha out, I thought I'd have Rosemary follow very closely behind us, while Tascha was walking on the road taking there was someone close behind and another further away. Plus Tascha was the "official photographer" today! The other goal was that Rosemary laid the track, so this was a "stranger" for him, as a tracklayer. Blasts' track was just over 30 mins. aged, a mixed alfalfa/clover field, five legs, four corners. Wind was pretty strong when all the tracks were laid. He is just turning a corner in the above photo. He only glanced back a couple of times at Rosemary, so I was pleased with this.
We are moving out on the fourth leg here. Isn't the background spectacular? The far hill, the tallest in our township, is called Bear Mountain (but really just a very tall hill).
Moving close to the article now, he has me running along behind, not by (my) choice, I'm really putting a lot of tension on the line.
Pleased as punch, looking at our "photographer" while he stands over his glove.