Tuesday, September 28, 2010

So Close....Rosemary & Reese

You can see by this picture what the conditions were like early Saturday morning for the TD trial (EPS in Powassan). Thursday were torrential rains and the foul weather continued through the weekend. U.S. judge Orrin Eldred II was up for his first Canadian judging assignment and it was unfortunate for him as well to not have nicer conditions. He brought a number of his model planes with him, hoping for good flying conditions, but that just didn't happen. Also our leaves were beginning to turn this past week and pictures would have been lovely....
However....it's typical tracking weather!
Rosemary and Reese did a wonderful track right to the last corner with only 30m left to the article. Reese moved along with speed on the track and was very enthused. The glitch was on top of a hill, with wind taking the scent over and down, the wrong way from the correct direction. Reese really worked on this, but twice moved off in the opposite direction. The judge kept hoping she would come back and pick it up, but finally had to call them off. Such a heartbreaker. He was mightily impressed with "our" pretty little beagle, Reese, and would have taken her home with him. I'm very proud of how both Reese and Rosemary worked this track.
Next time!!!!