Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Trust in her Element on Monday....

Trust has just indicated her first article, a sock, near the end of a very long first leg on grass, overcut while aging. She has her eye on a golfer...ooooh, maybe he will want to fuss over me!
We turned just short of the golf course, and headed towards a parking area. Here she transitions from grass to gravel to pavement and a quick turn coming up. This was a difficult spot as well, as it is a very well travelled area with vehicles and golf carts. She spied 'people' and the smell of lunch was also wafting towards us. She actually 'tried' to continue on past her turn, and I let her go a ways, but then stopped to hopefully re-focus her on the track. Of course, if a test, I probably would have followed along, oh-oh. She did circle back and move down the proper track direction.
This leg was actually laid about 2' left of where I put the red line. The breeze was coming in from the right, but she hugged the curb most of the way. Above, she has just indicated a wood article, which I was surprised hadn't been picked up by this time. It was aged 3 hr. 20 min.
Further down, her turn was close to the crack you see near the bottom of the picture. Also a very, very heavy traffic area, the cars whipping over here in and out of the golf course. She made a wide circle around the corner and then jogged back to the track.
Again, she's hugging the curb along this leg until she nearly reaches the main entrance and suddenly turned right towards the entrance pillars. There is an article on the other side.
A car was parked on the right when I laid the track, and again, being the front entrance it is heavy walked and driven over. Her plastic article is at the edge of a little bush around the bend, I was hoping it wouldn't be noticed and picked up
She is probably letting me know how much she hates plastic articles, it is yellow and right beside her (blue arrow).
We continue across the drive through, and up a small hill to a right turn.
Which takes us across another driveway that heads toward the hotel restaurant, onto another patch of grass and another right turn over the double main entrance driveways.
She is barely to the left of the track here, and then veers out and over the little island before continuing across to the grass and a left turn. She actually circled around a little on the grass, walking 3' right past the metal article, before turning and coming back around to it.
I thought she was going to continue on and totally miss this article. As I would in a test, and as a team, I actually verbally encouraged her to 'look' which she did. You can see the leg and turn up to her final article in the above picture.
I had planned to turn and leave the leather glove in the gravel/sand lot, but then saw some garbage? ahead. I decided to leave it closer, on the edge of grass/gravel instead, as I wasn't sure what that "thing' was. Trust had turned and was working left of the track, until she suddenly veered over to the article. Overall, a pretty good track, just a couple of little glitches.