Monday, September 20, 2010

Sunday, Emma's TDX track

I took these first two pictures as I began to lay the track for Emma and Tascha. The fog had almost lifted and the fields were beautiful. I just love early fall tracking. This was a field I've not used previously, 200 gorgeous acres just down the road from me.
Heavy dew, frost in a few areas, and the sun coming up behind the fog...beautifuEmma has just made her first turn and Tascha is "catching up"! The first leg turned out to be quite wet for little Emma, wouldn't you know it?!

The second leg was very long, up a hill. Here Emma is working out the scent on the top of the hill, and just turned in the right direction, pausing and double-checking.

Then she takes off hopping and Tascha begins to follow her from the corner.

Now having turned onto the fourth leg, and after finding her first article, Emma is 'on the run' and very confident along this leg, heading downhill. It's so rare to get pictures of Emma on tracks where you can actually 'see' her, usually the cover is too deep.
Emma has found her second article and Tascha is rewarding her for that.
I looked 'back' to take this picture. It was a tough go for a little dog, but Emma worked through this thick and tangled bush area without a hitch. Way back is the hilltop we had been on earlier.

After the last turn shortly out of the bush, she is now heading to the final article. She was really working well and enjoying every minute of it.
Yay! There's a leather glove down in there. Her tail was wagging a mile a minute. What a happy little worker.