Sunday, November 28, 2010

First BIG Snow and Dogs...

Friday was a big snow day. We don't really know how much snow there was as it was blowing so much, some whiteouts and different areas looked like there was much more on the ground than others. The dogs loved it! What else is there to do outside than go on nice snowy dog walks?!
This is Trust from a walk in the forest today. She's such a pretty girl.
And tough guy Tank up on a snowy rock!
This is Tank from a walk yesterday. He likes to burrow his head into the snow.
Jess was busy making snow angels. She just took her head out of the snow here.
From yesterday, Blast whipping around a corner on a recall.
Also yesterday, out in a protected area in the forest with the trees all still snow covered, very pretty
Blast up on his favorite rock pile yesterday.
Today...Blast was determined to try and jump up to the top of the corner post. We couldn't figure out what was up there, or had been, but he kept trying and trying. Unfortunately my batteries died, he's an amazing straight up jumper.
We had four great walks today in the field and the forest with the dogs. It was lovely.