Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Tanks' Track Today

I recently found a newly constructed place that works great for short urban type tracks. I finally got there today with Tank; after quite a bit of rain, and some really big winds. This situation created some interesting changes with wind as well.
Tank is THE biggest puller and he was nuts to get going along our first leg. It was lovely new grass and it took me to this spot (above) to get the camera in place. He moved off the grass unto a new gravel roadway, and the left turn was in the middle. He did shoot over to the grass at the far side before indicating loss of scent and moving back to the roadway.
He's working great here...right along the track. My aim is to slow him down a little and more concentration on the track. I left the odd kibble along it but think he motored on past most of them.
He's lost the scent here, and is searching for the track.
It didn't take long, and he's back on it again. Beautiful new sod put down here, this leg curves over the stone riverbed.
He's moving right along the track, and funny thing, he jumped right over the rocks.
Tank has found his first article - wood. I left only two articles on this short track.
He has picked it up to show me.
We had the longer stretch of grass after the article then out to gravel and another turn. He went over to the building entraceway after making the turn and checked it out.
There was a real windtunnel created here created between the building on one side and the enclosed arena on the other. The wind was quite strong and coming straight at us.
Tank moves on to an asphalt area here, off the gravel and is really working nicely. I was going to leave some food along this leg, but the wind was so strong, I was afraid it would blow around. I thought this was kind of an interesting area to track through. The arena area has a huge roof all the way around hanging over the edge.
I thought he may have a little difficulty through here, or just want to "inspect" it more. He actually worked really nicely through it.
He had just made a quick turn around at the corner and ended up with the line under his back leg. Since we were so close to the end article, I let him go on and eased up on the line tension.
You should always untangle your dog when tracking.
And there he has it...oh, happy day!
We played a little retrieve and tug with it here...what a goofy look on him. Happy boy!