Tuesday, November 16, 2010

The "Scenting Post"

Part way through the forest is an old and odd-shaped stump that the dogs ALWAYS rush to and smell up and down, and on the top. We call it the scenting post, as it seems obvious that something (s) either walk over it and scratch or rub on it. Our dogs never have tried to "mark" it, but just enjoy smelling it. They always rush to it, and I've never been able to get there fast enough to get any pictures. Today, with Tank and Trust, I had them 'wait' about 15' back on the path, and I walked up ahead.
Trust is working on the top, while Tank goes to the base.
She is working her way down, and Tank heard something in the distance...hopefully not the wolves from last night.
This all took place within about a minute and a half; it's the same each time, smell up and down, and around, then continue on....
One last "check' for Trust. If you look closely, or enlarge the picture, you will see that she is actually taking a little lick here. One of those odd and interesting things...we do wonder what is "using" this....