Friday, November 12, 2010

Tracking 3 dogs today...

Blast worked great on his urban tracking today, but as I really needed both hands working with him, I was unable to take any pictures. The area he worked in had almost no grass, cinder paths, and sand going through playground equipment...a few gulls watching and hoping for food as well. Blast had 3 articles, a plastic lid, a Timmies' card, and a glove. I was really pleased with him.
I have to apologize for some of the pictures. I don't know why some are fuzzy, but used a few anyway, as I didn't have an extra to show some locations.
This is Tanks' track. He did pretty good, but he's really "getting back into" urban tracking and I think I need to work him like I am with Blast...very short. Tank is always rushing, he's just so excited, and he needs to slow down on hard surface, get that big nose down, and pay attention. He just loves tracking, but it's a bit too much fun right now!!!
Tank has found his first article, second leg, a plastic lid. He had just picked it up and tossed it!

We had crossed a very wide paved driveway and turned into this area. There is a sock coming up ahead, marked by the "X". He's concentrating along this area.
Tank has picked up the sock and coming back to show me...most of it is crammed into his mouth! He loves socks! It was a very dull morning, perhaps that is why there were so few walkers and joggers in this area today. Sometimes it is very full of vehicles and people. Tank is working pretty well on the short grass surface, heading towards the long stretch of paved parking area.
He transitioned nicely from the grass to pavement. I have dropped the occasional piece of kibble on this stretch. I decided to use 'something better' next time, and try to keep him more focused on the actual track. It doesn't take a lot to distract him, although he did fairly well.
Of course, I wasn't giving him a lot of slack, either. This was a short track, but a track nonetheless. I think we will work on some strictly hard surface next time and work on his concentration.
He made a nice turn here. The final article isn't too far along, so perhaps he got wind of that.
He is moving nicely along this last, short leg towards the grass where the glove is. He certainly knows it is there right now.
There's the glove. He has also forgotten his indication, which was a down. Right now I don't really care, he is clear and usually seems to be picking up the article, but eventually, I'd like to see him go back to a down on the article. He used to 'walk over' plastic articles.
OK, he says, let's play with this one! So we did....