Friday, November 12, 2010


Remembrance Day is important and special every year. I always watch the Ottawa services and each year am impressed with the numbers of WWI and WWII veterans in attendance, determined to attend. Our last WWI veteran died this year past. But now we have so many "new" war veterans from "newer" wars....wars that were never meant to be.
In many ways, the coverage to honour our war vets has opened our eyes to what so many have endured; horrific and unbelieveable stories in most cases. Humanity? What is that....
As lucky as we are to live in Canada, we often forget our veterans throughout the rest of the year. So does our government. They should not only be honoured on November 11th, but appreciated and cared for throughout the year. And we still have many in Afghanistan, losing their lives or returning home wounded. Let us not forget them nor their families. They are all heroes.
Next time you silently curse getting a red light, maybe instead, think about the men and women that have given their lives, or parts of their bodies, and are still doing this daily, to try and better the lives of many and so we can be free.
Let us never forget them.