Thursday, December 16, 2010

It's Beginning to Look Like Christmas!!!

Coming home from the second shopping excursion this week, (I HATE shopping!), I paused in the bend of the driveway to take this shot. It was so quiet and peaceful, one thing I love about winter. Well, quiet until I drove up to the house. With he snowfall we've had, and shopping, the dogs have not received their usual amount of walks...most of the trails are halfway up my thighs in snow height. They were raring to get out.
I decided to play in the snowplow piles and wear them out throwing "snowballs" over the back. I really had to put things away, so a walk would have to wait until later. They had a glorious time! Tank is sinking into the "pathways" they've made as it's still pretty soft.
Blast is blocking Tank and waiting for the next snowball to make sure he gets it first.
They're both trying to squeeze out the narrow opening from the back. It almost looks like Blast is on top of Tank, but they are actually side by side. All of our dogs have always enjoyed the winter season and the snow much more than the heat of summer....a good thing.
It's a stand off! Trust only ventured once over the back with these two...way too much commotion for her liking. She stayed mainly down in the front, but since Tank wandered off, Blast has decided she "should" play with him. Fat chance, Blast!
We will be making some pathways this weekend with the snowblower for the dogs. We are really limited already where we can walk, and really miss having the trails. Little Jess and Storm just can't go anywhere now, without making paths for them. Probably we will do some snowshoe trails through the forest, if possible, and try to keep at least a few trails open.
There's nothing more beautiful than the forest walks in winter.