Friday, December 17, 2010

Another Snow Day!

This afternoon, we headed down the driveway, Trust, Tank, Blast and I. I rarely take all three together, as it gets a little too chaotic. However, being low on places not deep in snow, I decided to take a chance. It worked out great, we didn't go too far and all three kept busy.
Tank went in search of a snowball I threw off the driveway; he actually found it, but it fell apart.
Blast is just circling around to charge off after Tank into the deeper snow.
Blast bugs the heck out of Trust whenever there's a break in the action between him and Tank.
She 'allows' him a couple of kisses, and he always pushes it too far. I can see his little mind churning away here, deciding if he dare try to lick her face again. Trust looks like she doesn't care, but is always ready to give him 'the lip' telling him to back off.
I'm not sure what this is about. Blast appears to have a bad taste in his mouth, while Trust is just standing there. Nothing happened, I was watching them, think he's just being his usual silly self with her, showing off.
Tank apparently has the prize - a weed!!! Wow!!! When Blast can't get "it", whatever it may be, away from Tank, he throws himself at him. Doesn't usually work too well....
Tank charges off, with Blast rapidly catching him. I think it's time for more snowballs into the deep snow.
We had a good walk/run/play and now it's time to head back up to the house for a rest before dinner and get Jess and Storm out for few minutes.