Sunday, December 19, 2010

More "New" Birds!

The female Evening Grosbeaks have arrived...about 4 days after the males...hmmm...what does that mean?! I think it is obvious, the females were able to 'tough it out' in the forest longer than the males were able to go hungry!!!!
And the Pine Siskens, which we haven't seen for two winters. They began to swarm the niger feeder yesterday.
They are such cute, tiny birds, it's really nice to have them return.
But then....the pretty but bloodthirsty Northern Shrike arrived as well. A notorious hunter of rodents and small birds, he is a close relative to the rare Loggerhead Shrike, referred to as the 'butcher bird'.
He thinks no-once can see him, I was lucky to get some photos as he doesn't remain still for very long
I hope he isn't lucky with our pretty Pine Grosbeak (male). And so far, the only one to show up...he's been here alone for two days now.
One of those "lucky" shots! I was trying to get the Pine Grosbeak and two male Evening Grosbeaks together in one picture. One flew off and what the heck is this other guy doing? Maybe showing off or too much eggnog last night....Too funny! I didn't even notice until I loaded the picture, lucky timing.