Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Days like this...

This afternoon was so gorgeous, if only every winter day could be like this. I would like to snowshoe every day, if that were possible. Went on two walks out back, first with Tank and Trust, second with Blast. Same route, trying to work on snowshoe trails.
Perfectly quiet out there, all the morning birds were gone, but were deer tracks everywhere. We're heading back in the picture above, Trust and Tank look worn out.
It was up to -16C, no wind in here, and sunny. Just lovely. I had bare feet inside my super -30C boots.
The dogs love this rock, Tank and Blast both always jump on top.
Blast had a deer apple that he had carried a long ways with him, and decided to lay down and chew off a piece of it here, while he waited for me. We're almost back at the house here. Both walks were wonderful, and in total took just over an hour. I just love our forest walks.