Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Store Search for Blast.

I wish I had pictures for this, but I left my camera in the van and it all happened so fast, I would have needed someone else to take shots.
Something different for Blast, just so desperatre to keep 'working that nose' (still snowing)...I did a directed article search in a pet food store this morning.
I left 5 articles in various places, stuck between dog food bags, up on a treat shelf, etc. There was a plastic light switch, two very small pcs. leather, a small folded sock, plastic jar lid; I put no fresh scent on them, and took them into the store in a plastic bag.
Figured this was going to be tough in there with all the interesting and yummy (to a dog!) scents.
Very neat to watch him work his way through the store. He was distracted at the smoked bones hanging on a display, but one command put him on track again.
Have to admit, I was pretty impressed, the store clerks couldn't believe how fast he found them all!
What a good boy!!!