Saturday, March 26, 2011


Remember the old childhood saying...."spring is here, the grass is ris.....I wonder where the birdies is".....
Oh, I wish! We sure have the 'birdies' eating us out of house and home, but no sign of the grass. A few somewhat bare areas but snow, ice, and sooooo cold still. It's almost April!!!
Yesterday, when the temp. was a little warmer in the afternoon, Trust, Tank, Blast and I went into the forest. No signs of spring there. But it was a nice walk, anyway.
Blast just LOVES Trust, and is trying to get her attention with one of his favorite balls...she couldn't care less.
Blast and Tank ran around so much out there, Tank is pooped and probably hoping Blast will keep bugging Trust and leave him alone. Blast never seems to wear out, not matter what.
Heading up the trail home, Blast has picked up the second toy we started out with and loves to have two at a time in his mouth. Looks like he finally gave up on both of them.
Walk with Kira after the other three, but we went out into the front field. A bare spot! Only reason the snow is gone here is because it's rocks! One nice thing yesterday, we could walk on top of the snow, it was solid enough to hold me up, so we could pretty much go anyplace.
Tomorrow we plan to go tracking again, and I'm sure we will still have problems finding a decent place to work; overnight temp. called for is -20C. This is really nuts!!!!!!!!!!!