Tuesday, March 29, 2011

This afternoon...

Coming home this afternoon, I had only Kira with me and saw the ice alongside the driveway was semi-melted...finally!!! I decided to stop and take her for a walk through the field and come back by the ice on the way to the van. Heading out, we were near the rockpile. A few people were surprised at her finding a rock I tossed in last week. I though I'd try it again, just to see. She had her ball and wasn't paying much attention as I found a nice smallish rock. When I picked it up, she became instantly interested. I tossed her ball a few feet in the other direction, while she ran for it, tossed the rock into a little depression in the rocks near the bottom. She came back and I told her to find it. It took her no time at all to come out with 'my' rock.
Thought I'd try it again. Another rock, tossed in other side of pile and it rolled down until it fell in a hole between rocks. (I had tossed ball again). Back she came looking for the 'game' and this time started up higher on the rockpile and worked her way down, again right to it. She actually had to dig at this one to get it out. How proud she was!!! And didn't want to give it up. I traded with the ball, and we headed down into the field further.
She didn't know about the ice or water, as I've purposely avoided this area for a few days. It's been too cold, and I didn't want any of the dogs to go through. Well, what a treat she must have been thinking when she spied it. Here she is on a smooth surface that is just softening and she's starting to break through. She's not been on ice and so I let her play a while on that.
Then I walked her up a ways to the water. She loves water, what was I thinking!!!? Running back and forth and around and soaked by the time I called her out. Still barely above freezing, but the sun today caused lots of snow/ice melt, which is great. She had a great time. So much fun to watch these guys enjoy simple pleasures.