Saturday, April 2, 2011

Three Early Walks

Went for a walk down the driveway and across the east field, and up around the back this morning. First out were Tank and Trust. I've purposely avoided going past the lower driveway for a few days due to either water or ice or combination at the east side. I knew I could get T & T past it, but then the next walk was Blast. We almost got past, using a Water Wubba for distraction, then suddenly he stops dead and 'looks'. That was it, off onto ice he went. The sun had greatly softened it and through he goes. I thought, "oh joy, now I have to convince him to come out"... I had to stop and laugh, as he was breaking through, he began to go one foot at a time out in front, break the ice, and continue with the next foot. Not too bad, I walked off and he quickly followed so wasn't totally soaked.
I thought this was another Blast picture until I noticed the ears! Third walk with Kira, she's racing back to me. She's losing teeth like crazy right now and the ears are still up and down.
What is that!!!!? Well, it's Kiras' bum, actually! Couldn't resist, going past that rock pile again. I got another little rock and decided to hold and squeeze with both hands this time, and throw up into a different area. It ended up going down in the hole at the top, not where I intended. I heard it bounce as it fell, so wasn't sure exactly where it ended up. Oh, well...up she goes...
I think she couldn't 'get' it immediately so began to search around a little bit more up there. I gave her about a minute, and figured there was a problem and I'd better climb up and take a look.
By the time I got there, she was digging like crazy into a crevice. Is that 'my' rock down there?!

All her digging was actually pushing it in further, so I pulled her out and reached in. Yup! MY rock! I just find this so amazing, but think I will try and avoid this area for a while and set up some new search games for her!!! (We are easily amused around here..!)