Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Kiras' Sunday Experiences!

We had many new experiences on Sunday! Not pictures for all, like the ambulance people who were parked in park...they both came out to see Kira, and opened the back door of the ambulance for us to check out. I had previously hid a couple of things in the hubcaps for her to find. We couldn't get inside the ambulance, but she stood up on the back bumper and had a good inspection and sniff... We are at the mall now, and Kira has learned how to open the doors.
And in we go. They do not allow dogs inside, but I spoke to the security person who gave us permission. A good friend made a vest for her, and I had the lettering put on, so this certainly helps us to 'inspect' some places we likely wouldn't normally be able to.
Being Sunday, it was not busy, we just spent some time in one section for the first time in there.
Hmmm, I wonder what's inside here. Actually, it was her rubber hose, she had no issue 'taking a look inside'.
There is a toy hidden inside here on the floor, which she wasn't able to quite reach. She had searched the outside first, before trying to get in to it.
Aha! There's something in this planter as well.
Since Kira is going to eventually be a dog who will work on specific scent, she must be keen to search, and have no fear of anything. This is mainly what we are doing right now; socializing around people, places, noises, unusual things.
How did my rubber hose get up there?
Down at the lakefront, a convenient construction site was not completed, so it was another place to visit.
She decides to venture inside the bucket.
And has a look around. Nothing much of interest, but no fear of it either.
We check it all out.
Let's see what might be under here too!
I often encourage her to check out everything "high" as well, and not just stay down low to the ground.
We're done.....we run off.....enough of this!!!!
And what a treat this was. When we thought we were finished for the day, we drove to Timmies' and parked beside the nicest lady and her motorcycle. Another opportunity! She was about to leave, but stayed "for Kira". She started the motorcycle - mighty loud - and Kira played with her sock.
When we felt she had no issues with it, she revved it up a few was almost like a gun shot each time. Interest from Kira, but no negative reaction.
Finally, when she was revving it, we moved towards the dual exhaust pipes, so not only was she getting the noise, but also the fumes. You can see she's interested in watching this. When the lady stopped, Kira turned back and tried to get her leather glove on the ground...better than the sock!!!

All great fun and great experiences.