Monday, April 4, 2011

Trust did great today...

Beautiful day, the very first one. We plotted and laid a track for Trust at the waterfront, amongst tons of people and dogs out walking and amidst construction. Trusts' track was aged 3 1/2 hr., which was a little longer than planned. Ground cover was barely uncovered grass, weeds, snow, brick pathways, mud, sand, asphalt, cement stairs. She worked great! This is our start, she was anxious to get up to it.
She's moving along really well, at least we are still too early here for goose poop!!!
Scent moves into openings and around curbs with vehicles driving in and out while aging.
We've crossed the road, and made a turn, she is just off the track a little and coming back for the first article, which is wood.
What a good girl!
We continue along, more sand and gravel than grass, and then will drop down into a garden area.
She investigated a couple of large boulders in here and then turned out onto the brick walkway.
I was told (by Tascha) she was exactly on the track here, going up the stairs.
And straight to a metal article on the top of the circle. We will head down the steps on the other side, over the brick sidewalk, and then move out past the twin garden and onto grass/sand.
Heading towards the construction machinery, Tascha laid the track between the two pilons.
And that's exactly where Trust went! Then across a wide driveway and onto grass/sand/mud for a stretch.
That's a pile of plowed snow in the corner here; these are all over the place up here, filthy piles of snow. We made a left turn and are crossing the road again over into some almost 'real' grass.
After another left turn, we moved along quite a ways and are about to go up a little hill here. By the way, those are pine cones scattered about, not dog poop! Trust circled around here a bit, and it turned out there had been a plastic article left here which had disappeared. I encouraged her to continue up the hill, we went over that, over another brick walkway and headed right towards the lake.
And there is her final article, a scrap of leather. She had gone past this - we were on the really well-travelled walkway just before finding this article on the other side when she turned back.

You can see part of a pressure crack behind the rocks.

This was a really difficult track having being aged 3 1/2 hr. in a very busy walking area where we must have seen 100 dogs out and that was only when laying the track and when Trust was working it. It's a beautiful boardwalk along the lake with wonderful gardens and very popular for people in town, plus the first really nice Sunday so far. Trust did really well and again was keen.