Monday, April 11, 2011

Well....I DID want a rain track....

Another location we could finally use, just some piles of snow here and there! We drove around first to see if it would work, and wouldn't you know, one area had a huge fence surrounding it...change of plans. I couldn't convince my tracklayer (Tascha) to climb the fence which looked at least 12' high!!! So, the track was laid in dull, overcast, damp conditions, a big storm was in the forecast. When we began the track, at 3.25 hr. aged, it had begun to rain pretty good, and ended up pouring throughout the track. Trust at the start, I didn't ask for a down as it was so wet and soggy. Our veg. surfaces weren't really much grass still, some pine needles, dirty grass.
On the first leg, a zig around a large puddled area over into the pine trees.
The track is the red outline, Trust moved around the other tree and headed straight out onto the paved driveway with a mission! Back to the track. First article coming up soon.
This was a metal article, buried now in a puddle. She went right to it, and I had to dig it out from under the water.
We head across a parking lot, across a road, and into a scent collecting area in front of an entrance. The wind was coming in an angle from the left.
You can see the rain pouring down in this picture. Trust moved into the doorway to check it out, no problem, I knew there would be a turn on the sidewalk, she obviously wasn't heading in the door. A quick check, and back out turning left.
Trust moved right down the centre of walkway, across the driveway, and then zipped around to the left of the rock, and back over to the next article - a block of wood. Then out across another parking area, where there was an open left turn about 2/3 of the way...however, she was working to the right of the track and continued on before turning left further up over the curb into the grass.
This picture shows the track in red, and where she went from the wood article, and up onto the grass. Her turn was still in the 'allowed' area, and the scent had changed in over 3 hr. from dry to rain, so things change. Oh, to have a footstep tracker, though!!!
The track headed towards the rocks and made a right turn. Trust had gone down over into the ditch on the left, and came back again to the track.
Above, she appeared to be going to the childs' rubber boot, but corrected herself part way there, coming back to the track and moving on.
My favorite picture..note the sign on the post..just for Trust and me - two seniors crossing the road. Neither Tascha nor I even noticed this until I looked at the pictures. Pretty funny! Anyway, back to the track - there was an open left turn on the grass just before the driveway, and the track went across the road. She goes down in the ditch, before coming up onto the road and crossing.
She had some difficulty here, heading off the sidewalk, and over the chain into the field. She "tried" a few times, but couldn't commit. She kept scenting in this direction where she's standing, turning back and up and down. Finally, she did move down and over the chain fence.
Once she committed, she moved with purpose and there was a right turn shortly ahead. This was the longest leg on veg. surface with an article about 2/3 of the way up.
She's moving along well, but we are actually about 3 meters to the left of the track.
She lifts her nose, as I believe she scented the article - plastic - over to the right and makes her way over to it.
A plastic switchplate, she was right on finding this. Always surprises me!
Again, she seems to be picking up the scent that has gone across this road (turn further up) and into a small grassed area for the final article. A busy highway is behind this, and the wind is coming from that direction as well.
I think she was getting tired by this time as well, I hadn't intended as long a track and she was soaking wet. She was working really well, really trying in a few difficult areas and working them out well.
One check in this direction turns back to the right and on to the article.
Finally! A soaking wet sock. How exciting is this? Well, she got a bunch of turkey after this and was mighty happy, and happier still to go on the long walk back to the van, being told all the way what a wonderful girl she was.