Thursday, June 16, 2011

Tanks' Track from Wednesday

I've mentioned Tanks' track in the previous posting about Blast. Tank did his track first, and Blast did an almost identical track "over" this one. You can see the similarities and in this one, the building and choices available on the last leg as I mentioned in the Blast one, but didn't have a picture to demonstrate.This was the tuft of grass I mentioned they both went to. And here you can see my track out onto the gravel/sand parking area.Not sure why Tank was tracking off to the left. He was first on, the light breeze was coming mainly from behind us. He went past the corner, made a big circle to the left and then came back to the turn going right.His first article was also a metal one. He looks like he's praying!?!I skipped the big section on grass, which is on Blasts'. Tank did it ok, but head up a lot looking around, and tried to go to two trees. He moved off the grass into the driveway and made cut his turn short, but worked not badly down the gravel driveway. The corner ahead, he cut really short and rushed into the grass area.This is the area I mentioned on Blasts' track where you could lay the track here, as we did, or over the rocks on the grass on the other side, or on the other side of the cement thing, on the gravel, a narrow path with the rink boards on the other side.
Nothing you'd have in a test, but interesting for training something a little different.
In this picture, Tank has just reached his plastic article.
A plastic light switch, ok in this location, not anywhere it may be run over, as I once did.Very shady here, which was nice, it was so hot, so completely different on each side of this structure on the grass.Across the driveway, he worked to the left of the track like Blast did. Tanks' article was a leather wallet, and it was hidden over the other side of the cement entrance.He is standing over the article, and then he picked it up and brought it to me.
I plan to do some work with them both, components, and not full tracks so we can work on a few little problems and fine tune other things. Also won't go out again until the weather is less hot for them.