Sunday, June 12, 2011

Walkin' the dogs...

Poor Kira has to dig rocks out of the driveway to carry around with her. It's a tough life.Yesterday I took Trust and Kira for a walk together and they pretty much just ignore each other, so it works out fine now and again. However, Kira does try to get Trusts' attention, and looked like she was going to jump off the bale on top of her if the timing was right...
I'm very sad, I've lost my camera that I carry and take everywhere with me. Well, not lost, it's broken and checking on Friday at two camera stores, it seems it likely costs more to send it off to be fixed than to buy a new one. I think it just died from over-use! I dug out the previous one, and it takes pretty good pictures, above and below, but is too big to stick in my pocket, and have to sling it around my neck.
I went to Northgate on Friday with Kira for socializing work and it was too cumbersome to take pictures. While there, there was an amazing display I'd recommend to everyone if it is ever in your area: The Incredible World of Bugs created by John G. Powers (you can google it) with amazing butterflies, moths, etc.
As I had Kira working with me, I couldn't spend the time looking at it as much as I would have liked to and hope he will be back again! Meanwhile, he took some pictures of Kira meeting people which he is going to forward to me. I hope he remembers!
I think I've found a neat little camera I'm considering now, even smaller than my broken one, but more pixels and very reasonably priced.
David and I were out for three walks this morning in the rain. Trust and Tank first, Blast second, and then Kira. Rain wasn't as heavy on Kiras' walk so got a few pictures. All the dogs were soaked so it smells like wet dogs here walks though, even if raining! Here we were walking through the lupins down the side of the driveway.Awwwww....a couple of years ago I had a nice picture of Trust and Tank sitting in the lupins that the local newspaper put on their 'local' page.Blast found this toy on 'his' walk that had been out all winter a few feet of the trail. It smelled like a fox had marked it and I managed to sneak it away from Blast and left it out there. Of course, next walk, Kira discovered it! A prize!!! So off she went racing around with it.