Saturday, July 9, 2011

Early walks & Motivational Searching

A look back at the house from the top of the west field, can barely see the house now. We used to be able to see ALL of the front fields, saw lots of wildlife moving through, now it is impossible with the growth of the trees. So sometimes, now, heading out into the fields can be a big surprise. Usually take the "safest" dogs first, Trust and Tank. Next would be a walk with Blast, and later, Kira.This is the front area of the west field and I had David hide in a little grove of pine trees. He stayed behind to hide while Kira and I continued on. Then "we" turned back to "find" him. He's playing with her after her "find".And smart person that I am!!!??? I took a turn lying down in tall grass after they moved on and then he sent her back to find me...I'm lucky to even get this shot as she ran full speed back, picked up my scent at an angle and ran through the grass/weeds to land on top of my legs....back and forth, back and forth. Probably be totally bruised tomorrow. SHE was very happy!David in the pines again, was crouched down, and she ran past, spun around and back to him. She's in there...a whirling dirvish! Since I was attacked full force in the grasses, I convinced him to squat down in another area to see what it was like to have her land on top of him. He 'cheated' and jumped up as she reached can just barely see a bit of brown in the weeds in front of him.Kira, as most dogs, just loves this game. It's very motivational, but seldom done to keep it "special". That is her tongue, not a toy, flopping out of her mouth. She had a great time, and was well worn out by the time we finished our walk.