Thursday, August 4, 2011

Kira visits Clarion Resort

(Just stuck this in ahead of the other tracking posts as this is quick with just 4 pics.)
A quick trip on an errand today, so took Kira along for a "walk through" at a nearby hotel/golf/resort. The hotel area itself was very quiet, I think everyone was out at the golf club, it was jammed packed full. I didn't take anything in (to hide) just wanted to "look" around. I did have her search in a couple of areas, and praised her for her negative responses.
I was hoping the trains were running (this was for ME) but only one was on the go. It's a really neat, and very large display; I guess now they only get it all working when a lot of people are there. Just stopped and watched for a minute.Down one of the hallways near the bar area, weren't even people in there...maybe we were too early in the day?! I did have her search this area, around, under and on the chairs.Heading back towards the front past the train set up again. She stopped on her own to sniff this leg and I called her off, as I betcha someone's little dog lifted their leg on it!!!So we are heading out towards a back door here to cross over into the golf club. This was more interesting, lots and lots of people, quite a few interested questions. I reassured a little group of fellows that she wasn't sniffing their golf bags so their drugs were safe. One fellow suggested it was good she wasn't a cadaver dog as his buddy was closer to death than he was alive. Ha.Ha.Ha. Men are so funny...?! Have to joke along with them, and they don't mind what we do. The ladies were definitely more interesting to talk to about what we were doing there.
Of course, my battery went dead after the above picture.