Wednesday, September 21, 2011

It's All Fun for Kira

Foolish me wondered if Kira would hesitate to take a running jump up into the truck for her favorite ball....the ball barely 'beat' her up!This was one I "planted" and it was buried behind and under a hefty log. When she first discovered it, she looked at me, then dug right in to move the log out far enough to grab the ball.Out we come...did a few ball throws into the truck, then moved on to the barn.Ball is wedged back in behind and under things; she's just pushed her way in between bike tire and snow blower and now has to find it.It is under the side of the generator, and she's pawing at it to move it enough to get her head in to grab it...and she does. Then she squeezed out on the other side of the blower to come back with it.Off we went for some throws into the bush with a couple of new balls. Great fun!