Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Tanks' Sixth Birthday

It's so hard to believe that Tank turned six years old on Monday. As we always do, we had a birthday party with iced carrot muffins, however, a smaller than normal party. Blast and Kira were not invited (poor dogs!) as we were pressed for time and also couldn't do it the following day. Trust wore her own princess hat, Storm was just dying for 'extra' food, and Tank was as excited as always.
Tank is saying, "Come on, come on, blow out the candles!!!"Tank receives a new tugga-wubba while he waits for his muffin.We decided to move to the kitchen for the goodies, and Tank is getting very anxious, watching a piece being broken off and given to Storm. He is saying "I can almost taste it now!"What a good boy! A piece dropped right in front of him, I told him to "Leave It" and he's just dying...mentally 'willing' it to wiggle over to him. I told him he could have it and they each got their own little birthday muffin. We got two each!!!