Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Blast Track Today

It's been quite a while since I've posted anyones' track, have been concentrating on the dog, rather than the camera. I wanted a fun track for Blast today, and thought in case I could handle the camera, I would give it a go...turned out pretty good. Pics. a bit blurry, was a funny, damp morning. Blast did a really nice job.
First leg alongside full length of this building. Track aged one hour, four articles, a few obstacles along the way. On some pictures, I've "painted" the track in red, where he veered off/back on, in broken yellow.This is a wide driveway with a wider section for a few vehicles to park. A good place for a corner. The skateboard area said 'closed' but the garbage didn't seem to be changed recently! He veered to the fence, I verbally pulled him away from the garbage and he went back on the track.First article, folded cloth sock, just before we move onto a paved area from the gravel. The paved area is under a roofed over structure.He had no trouble moving through this area.At the end of the rinkboards was another 'old' garbage can, I quickly got him out of there, you never know what might be in there. He then goes off the paved part onto gravel again, close to grass and he will soon turn onto the grass.Wind was shooting throught the "alleyway" and he just went a little past turn and back to his track again. Long stretch of grass, he's right on the track, just aproaching another turn.Crossing a gravel driveway onto grass again. After another left turn, we are heading toward a sandy gravel area but there's a wood article before we leave the grass.There it is! I'm getting at least more of an indication from him now. He at least "usually" stops briefly so it can be seen.In this case, for whatever reason, he was trying to pick up the wood article.We had quite a stretch out onto the sand/gravel area and headed right on over to the final article, a white piece of leather. Blast did a very good track.His final articles, he has taken to try and rip them apart... I had a great toy in my bag so quickly exchanged the leather piece for some play time with the toy. He was happy!