Sunday, October 9, 2011

Autumn on the South River

We took a little break today, and drove out to Nipissing Village and Chapmans' Landing. The South River winds all through the area. This weekend couldn't have been more perfect for temperatures and colours. An active water system, the river was as calm as could be, beautiful and serene.Looking the other way, on the left is an ancient homestead. I cut out the home from the picture, to make sure not to offend anyone in case they were looking. Such a lovely and isolated spot. It felt like going back in time out there.Walking around the little point we were on above, another view where the river winds around another bend. I just loved it there.And this was kind of 'in the middle' on the river bank. There are some enormous old pines out in this area as well; possibly too difficult an area to have ever been cut. I love the coloured reflections on the water from the autumn trees.