Sunday, October 9, 2011

Storm in the Leaves

Storm is just short of 16 yr. 9 mon. now. I wanted to take pictures of him in the autumn leaves, but as he doesn't walk terribly well now, he got bogged down in the leaves. Poor little guy, I just plunked him where I wanted and let him pose.
He still has the most amazing amount of coat on him. I decided on the spot to do this, so did not spend time grooming him for the pictures. He's just au naturel..Ah...the attitude. He's always had that. Was very funny (although often not at the precise time - for me) in the obedience ring as a young guy. Very good giving the evil eye!He is standing, that's how deep the leaves are, and they're stuck on his coat all underneath...he really is stuck in there. But he saw the camera, and all his life has loved to pose for pictures. It was nice to get him out into the edge of the forest for a little while.