Monday, October 3, 2011

Dogs in the Fall Forest

Autumn is my most favorite time of year. Sunny, cool, crisp and the beautiful colours. Unfortunately, it lasts such a short while. This year, we've lost most of the leaves already, the reds went first and there's just some orange left with the yellows.
I wish it would last for three months, but have to accept it won't be long before winter sets in. So any nice day we can get into the forest is special.
Yesterday, we went in for three separate walks in different areas. Above, we are on the recently cut survey line at the back of our property.Tank and Trust are just loving back along a trail. You can just see the joy on their faces."I'm lovin' it" Tank seems to be happy to be out here.Trust waits for us to catch up, just chilling out.And the typical pose on the rock on the way back home.Blast takes possession of "the rock". He may be looking for the coyotes we've had bothering us regularly for a few weeks. I do wish they would go elsewhere, it's a concern to take the dogs for walks these days.Kira, as usual, with a ball in her mouth. I have to remember to take "something" with us, or...............she starts grabbing big tree limbs to haul around and bash into my legs running past. Has to have "something" to carry in her mouth.
A momentary pause. She dropped her stick, don't remember what she watching, but it must have been good to stop dead and drop her tree branch!This was just a pretty spot, with sun shining through the trees in the background, and moss on downed tree trunks. Just a calming area. Sure wish it would last....