Thursday, September 29, 2011

Amazing NEW Dog "Toys"...

Wow! Beat these toys to inspect and play with (and on!)...our driveway is being worked on, so there are three different "toys" here for a couple of days.
Kira is interested in 'something' on this tire; behind her is the step up into the cab.A little high and small for landing for her to jump up, but she had a good sniff around.She had no qualms jumping up on the trailer used to hall the machines and checks it out thoroughly.Blending in with the weeds, she is inspecting underneath the trailer in this picture.And let's go back up on top again!I found an old ball in the weeds and tossed it up for her. Decided I didn't have a lot of time for two more walks before the fellow returned, so decided to bring Blast, Trust and Tank out together after putting Kira back in the house.Same machine as above, other side. Blast is 'thinking' about getting up there once he saw the open door. An even smaller step up on this side, I wasn't going to ask him to, and a very big jump up. Trust seems to be looking and saying "are you nuts, Blast"?! was an awfully high jump straight up and I moved in to help him if he faltered...he was fine. He checked it all out, and then I put the ball up in the door to slow him on his exit. Didn't want him to jump from that height, but to go down slower.Not to be outdone, Tank decided to jump up and see what Blast was up to on the other side.When Blast saw Tank up there, he hopped up again, and Tank (barely see his bum in corner) jumped off. Just as well, didn't need them acting goofy up there and one coming off sideways. They sure all had a lot of fun though.