Saturday, January 21, 2012

Trusts' 10th Birthday Party!

Today Trust turned ten years old. Hard to believe. If anything, this past year she seems to have become 'younger' and more silly and active. As we have done for years, with all our dogs, we had a birthday party. For years we had eightdogs in the pictures, all calmly waiting while hats were adjusted, candles lit, and pictures taken. Those eight together were 'easier' than today.
Trust was a good girl..she knows the routine well. Look, and act, like a princess, and she did. Tank had some issue with the elastic in his hat...never been a problem in the past...but he was going through contortions trying to get it off, the rest of the time looking annoyed. And Blast! Well, he just wants to kiss Trust all over and wants to flip in front of her, thinking he somehow is we actually did these pics. pretty quickly.Tank is now rolling his eyeballs, David was on the sofa with cookies, and Blast was now interested in those. Trust is still "perfect". David finally had to hold Blast, now with his hat askew. Carrot muffins still intact!The birthday princess is always patient and ignores the riff-raff on each side of her. We moved to the kitchen for the feast!Trust took her muffin whole, and turned and ran off to the carpet and dumped it upside down (icing downward) on the carpet. I only got a picture of her with them as Tank was next and all you saw was the icing all over his face as if he hit it at 90 miles an hour. Blast took his, and promptly spit it on the floor. Gave him a cookie.
What a change when the dogs are not "the same old". It was fun (well somewhat) but miss the parties of old with the calm, well-behaved, and patient dogs.
And Kira was not invited to the party as it would have been total chaos. She was in her crate with a chewie and happy with that.
But since she missed the birthday party, she got an extra walk down the driveway and played ball with David. David and I got the "extra" goodies, so we all ended up doing ok.